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    silo management

    1. Precise level measurement in sugar mills

      Precise level measurement in sugar mills

      Optimize sugar production: level limit measurement with vibrating rod & continuous measurement with radar


      To record stock levels and control recipes for batch and continuous blending, plants need reliable and accurate measurement data to ensure that everything runs smoothly in production. Every industry with its variety of complex applications and materials likes to surprise at this point with tricky tasks. In the food sector, high standards generally have to be met in terms of hygiene and process reliability. In the case of the application processes of a sugar manufacturer in Central American Guatemala, it becomes clear that reliable, durable and flexible solutions for batch measurement have a positive effect on the entire processing procedure.

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    2. Simple disposition of stocks in the synthetics industry

      Simple disposition of stocks in the synthetics industry

      Point level detection and continuous level measurement combined with smart silo management


      A supplier to the automotive industry modernized his plant with regard to manufacturing processes for plastic granules. He also wanted to invest in a complete level monitoring system in order to automate his manual measurements in the future and to read the filling levels conveniently on the PC screen.

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