Level indicator in cement storagel silo with pneumatic filling

The Challenge

A manufacturer of conrete and plaster products for the building industry in Italy was looking for a reliable level measurment system for his new storage silos. The product in the silos is cement. So the requirements for the sensor are not easy. The environment is very dusty and sticky and the surface of the cement is after filling or during emptying with a steep angle of repose.

Our Solution

The solution is the free radiating radar sensor NR3100. Its 80 GHz technology has a 4° narrow radar beam and guaratees a reliable level signal in this 15m tall silos. Also during filling the reflection from the surface of the material has a high echo confidence. The air purge connection allows regular, cyclical cleaning of the lens antenna. The commissioning with the quick start wizard is simple and intuitive. That makes the NR3100 the perfect solution in this cement application.