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Level Measurement Solutions for Solid & Liquid applications

UWT can offer standard as well as made-to-measure level measurement solutions.

With the experience of having installed our devices with complete success in over a million applications worldwide, you can be sure that we will find a solution for your application.

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UWT level measurement devices provide accurate measurement results - even under extreme conditions. Therefore, our products are to be found in many industry sectors. All around the world, high profile and well-known companies continue to rely on our products and services for level measurement. 

We are continuously putting new application stories on paper and online.

Case Studies

Each industry has its own challenges and our list of case studies sorted by industry display a selection of successfully solved applications from around the world.

The information is split into three short sections explaining the Challenge, the Solution and the Products used.

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Do you have a measurement challenge? Would you like to check if a similar problem has been solved already? This database allows you to search solved level measurement solutions.

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