Capanivo 8000 in palm oil

The Challenge

The main food manufacturing company in the Dominican Republic, was looking for a solution for high level detection in its palm oil tanks. The material at this stage of the process is very viscous and dirty, as it has other parts of the palm mixed together. These elements consequently stick to the probes and, in many cases, destroy for example the rods of liquid vibrating forks. Another important fact is that the temperature can reach up to 90°C in this area of the process.

Our Solution

Our solution for this case was the Capanivo level switch series CN 8100. It is a capacitive sensor equipped with tip sensitivity technology to detect materials at the tip of the probe through the frequency variation, which offers safe detection of the medium due the high precision and possibility of tolerance to materials stick to the probe. The sensor is adjusted to the temperature of 125°C, the material of the probe is PPS and 316L stainless steel. Thus guaranteeing the perfect operating of the plant and eliminating a not planned plant shutdown or even the waste of material.