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Continuous level measurement with electromechanical plumb bob sensor

Level determination with an electromechanical plumb bob sensor is one of the most customer-friendly technologies due to its simplicity and comprehensibility. The basis of this measuring method is the tape or rope coil driven by an electric motor and the sensing weight attached to it. This can be adjusted to the bulk density of the medium. 

Electromechanical plumb bob sensors are mounted on the container roof. A sensing weight is lowered into the vessel. The sensing weight is attached to the end of a measuring cable/tape, which is wound on a spool driven by an electric motor. When the sensing weight hits the product, the spooling direction is reversed and the weight returns to its initial position. During the downward movement of the sensing weight, the distance is measured electronically by the rotation of the rope/tape reel. The microprocessor converts the measured distance into a volume-specific output signal that depends on the silo geometry. The output signal is updated after the sensing weight hits the product.

Electromechanical plumb bob sensors are also suitable for interface measurement of solids in liquids. The sensing weight is immersed in the liquid and reverses its direction of rotation only when it reaches the solid surface. The sensing weight can be universally adapted to the density of the sediment. 

NivoBob® plumb bob sensor series