Capanivo solution for wood pellets prebin

The Challenge

Our customer in Latvia, a manufacturer of wood pellet boilers, was looking for suitable sensors for the full and empty detection in pellet feeders. Rotating paddle detectors are used as standard. A lower switching point of the emptying device was required in this application in order to empty the container further, so no paddle switch could be used. It was necessary to search for a sensor with a shorter extension length.

Our Solution

The solution was the capacitance switch Capanivo CN 4020 with the possibility to setup the sensitivity and switching delay. This compact sensor can be installed at the right position in the hopper with a special adapter. The Capanivo could work with dry and as well with wet pellets. The customer also integrated the sensors in their SCADA system and use the switching delays to synchronize the processes to the best efficiency. The flexible sensitivity solves the problems with the buildup, which happens by the wood pellets. The Capanivo has also the best price performance. It is the best solution for this process hopper.