CN 7100 in water with fat and foam

The Challenge

An oil and protein manufacturing industry was looking for a solution for the condensation tank. This system receives the steam from the cooking process of animal remains. Due to the high content of animal fat, the presence of foam is high, impacting on constant foam overflows, however, since the liquid phase, very viscous and sticky, was also challenging in detection. The temperature of the reception system is 65ºC and the space for installation is limited as the tank is only 1 meter high and wide.

Our Solution

For this case, our Capanivo series 7100 was the best solution, due to its adjustment technology by "inverse frequency shift", it was possible to identify the foam phase, since through the frequency changes it facilitates the detection of materials with low dielectric. Another important feature is the "Tip Sensitive Technology", in this way false signals are avoided when working with sticky products. This PPS probe can work in environments with constant steam and temperatures up to 100ºC.