Contents maesurement in PVC granulate and chalk powder

The Challenge

Our customer is a worldwide supplier for cables and conduit systems and searched for a reliable level control in storage silos. It should be used in PVC- and chalk powder as well as PVC granulate. Due to the material attributes the atmosphere was quite dusty and rough in the 16m high silos.

Our Solution

With the sensors NivoBob NB 3200 and NB 3100 UWT Level Control could offer the customer an efficient solution. For the less dusty applications in granulates, the cable variant NB 3100 of the electromechanical solder system was the perfect system. For the usage in powder the tape version NB 3200 with integrated tape cleaner is the best solution. The tape cleaner prevents contamination of the mechanics compartment and guarantees a high functional reliability over the life cycle of the devices.