Contents measurement in animal feed

The Challenge

Our customer who has an animal feed plant in Russia, required a reliable, maintenance-free and economically priced content measurement for many of their storage silos (raw materials and granular). They were trying several technologies before approaching UWT for a solution. The challenge in this application surely is the dusty environment as well as aggressive physical properties of some of the materials.

Our Solution

The ideal solution from UWT is the lot NivoBob NB 4200 electromechanical level measurement system which is well proven in this kind of applications around the globe. The big advantage is the easy operational set-up as well as the long lifetime and the trouble-free operation of this instrument. The electromechanical technology is insensitive to the physical material properties and is available in a tape version with an integrated tape cleaner that prevents the dust to enter into the mechanical chamber of the unit. This feature increases the life time of the units as it minimizes wear & tear. Another strong point for this instrument is the economical pricing of the instrument.