Contents measurement in coal clinker

The Challenge

A company from Portugal required a continuous contents measurement for their silos. In their power station coal is used to heat the steam turbine when generating electricity. Clinker is produced as a by-product of this process. The challenge was to find a system which can measure reliably even in this extremely dusty and harsh environment. Ease of use and ease of installation were further pre-requisite asked for by the customer.

Our Solution

The electromechanical level sensor NivoBob NB 3200 fully fulfils the wishes of our customer. Our reliable NB 3200 offers a great measurement accuracy even in extremely dusty environments and is not affected by the harsh conditions within the silo. The installation of the NB 3200 is quick and easy and the unit can be put into operation immediately after installation. The unit has a tape cleaner to protect against dust in the housing.