Continuous Level Measurement in Train Tippler Hopper

The Challenge

We were contacted by a long standing client regarding successful continuous level measurement in for their process hopper. The application revolved along a train tippler that tips the contents of the train truck (in this case, coal) into the hopper below which is then conveyed to the site. The issue they were facing is that their existing radar units from a competitor supplier did not meet their highly accurate demands and could not cope in the environment.

Our Solution

Due to the nature of the application, the NivoBob could not be used. We offered the NivoRadar with a dust tube fitted with air purge to keep the dust off the lens. The radar was installed on a beam that was hanging over the bulk of the coal. After 2 weeks of successful testing, the client had bought 2 more units for this application. The dusty environment was successfully overcome by the dust tube with and airline connected to purge the lens. Accurate and repeatable reliable readings meant a successful solution to this difficult application.