Level measurement in Dry Blend

The Challenge

A manufacturer of window frames has applications for level sensors in high silos to measure dry blend PVC powder. The challenge at this product is the low DK-value of about 1,5 and the high dusty atmosphere and tall, narrow size of the silos. The diameter is between 2,5m and 3m. The heigth can be more than 20m.

Our Solution

The solution for the full detection is the dust sealed paddle switch Rotonivo 3002. In this version it has a sensitivity of 100 g/l. That is high enough for the Dry Blend powder with a density of about 600 g/l. The RN3002 works irrespective of the Dk-value and is protected against the very dusty environment by a shaft-sealing. The content level measurement is performed by a Nivobob 3200. This electromechanic tape system has a tape cleaner implemented. This feature keeps the mechanical parts clean in the housing and affects a long life of the sensor. Also the NB3200 works irrespective of the DK-value.