Measuring the level of PVC powder in conditions of strong dust, sticking, electrostatics material

The Challenge

A producer of plastics in the Ukraine has problems with the content measurement of PVC powder in storage silos. The installed radar sensors from another manufacturer did not work properly. They have often shown false information. The reason is probably the very low DK value of the PVC powder. Thus, the customer was looking for a maintenance-free level sensor that works reliably regardless of the DK value, high dust levels and caking.

Our Solution

The solution for this application is a electromechanical level sensor in a tape version. With this measuring principle, a sensing weight moves on a tape guided into the silo up to the material surface and then returns to the upper end position. The driven tape length is calculated by the sensor to an analog level signal. Modbus and Profibus interfaces are also available at the sensor. The integrated tape cleaner strips adhering PVC powder during the measurement and protects the sensor against contamination. The NB 3200 works independently of the DK value and dusty atmosphere and is the optimal solution for this measurement task.