Mononivo in Herb Mate

The Challenge

A large Argentinean yerba mate manufacturer was looking for point level sensors for its new plant to control low and, as an added safety, very low levels. The product to be measured, a suspension, contains a lot of dust and has a low density of 400 g/l. The sensors had to be suitable and certified for use in foodstuffs. In addition, the customer attached great importance to the durability of the sensors, since more than 100 measuring points were involved.

Our Solution

For this application, the vibrating rod Mononivo 4000 was the ideal solution. The sensor, made of high-quality stainless steel, has a high sensitivity that can be adjusted in 4 steps from 20 g/l. The compact vibrating rod, only 155 mm long, provides accurate and reliable switching signals with minimal response time. We at UWT are convinced to be able to offer a maintenance-free and reliable sensor with the vibrating rod and therefore guarantee the customer a 5-year warranty.