NivoBob NB 4200 in PVC synthetics

The Challenge

A manufacturer of plastic packaging in the Czech Republic automated its level measurement in storage silos. It processes various plastics such as PVC powder, PE, PP and other granulates into canisters, bottles and other containers and wanted to install in the silos such sensors, which are universally applicable and does not entail any maintenance or service costs. The effort should be minimal. The bulk material is partially dusty and has a low DK value.

Our Solution

In the storage silos for PVC powder electromechanical tape lead systems NivoBob NB 4200 are used. The integrated tape cleaner ensures a clean case when dust is attached to the tape. The sensor is almost maintenance-free with 500,000 measuring cycles. Neither dust, low DK values, high humidity nor changing bulk materials can affect the sensor. In addition, it is very favorable compared to other measuring principles. It also does not entail any maintenance and service costs and requires minimal effort during commissioning.