NivoCapa 8000 in Caustic Soda and Brine

The Challenge

The largest brewery in Colombia, needed to measure the level of small process tanks with brine, tank height 300 mm. It was important that the update speed was fast as well as the probe resisting chemically in addition to the caustic soda salt used in the tank cleaning process. Another important fact is that the temperature can reach up to 80°C. For connection to the process, a special hygienic connection was required.

Our Solution

We solved this case with capacitive transmitters NivoCapa series 8000, equipped with active shield and inverse frequency shift measurement technologies. These sensors were adjusted to operate up to 85°C and still supports 35 Bar overpressure. The food-grade PA-coated probe met the necessary hygienic requirements. This solution was perfect, even in the case the material was very aggressive, since the capacitive principle is very precise and with quick update of the output signal.