NivoRadar detects mud water level in tanks

The Challenge

A customer in South Corea is looking for a reliable level measuring sensor in slurry tanks. They produce ceramic accessories for bathrooms like toilets or washbasin. In the production process is an application for level sensors in a tank, where a slurry mixture is stored. In the 12m high tank is a fast moving agitator (10-12RPM), which is a challenge for the level sensor. It should ignore the agitator and should not cause wrong level signals.

Our Solution

The sensor NivoRadar NR 3100 with 4° narrow beam allows the precise intallation point, so that the measurement will not be influenced by the fast moving agitator and very limited installation space. The compact sensor measures also through a movable and high socket. The high frequency of the radar with 78GHz guarantees a good reflection from the slurry and a great echo confidence. The sensor has a robus stainless steel housing with a high protection class of IP68. The plug on display makes an easy setup possible.