NR 7100 in animal oil storage tank

The Challenge

For the manufacturer dealing with animal-origin proteins and oils, managing the level of a 6-meter-high storage tank for animal oil is crucial. The tanks are internally heated with a coil at the base, maintaining the fluid at approximately 60 degrees Celsius, leading to internal vapors and condensation. It's essential to take into account the serpentine grid shape positioned 1 meter from the tank's bottom.

Our Solution

Your ideal solution for this situation was the non-contact radar level transmitter, the NivoRadar NR 7100. This 80 GHz radar sensor is capable of operating within temperatures up to 60ºC, delivering high accuracy of +-5mm with a rapid response time of 3 seconds. It functions reliably in challenging measurement conditions and outdoor settings, boasting an IP68 rating. Configuring the sensor is effortless with the UWTLevel App. Additionally, the measured value can be scaled in liters, enhancing monitoring precision. Furthermore, it effectively suppresses false echoes caused by internal heaters.