RF 3100 in Stacker-reclaimers

The Challenge

The raw materials (coal) are sorted according to quality by huge machines called stacker reclaimers. These machines pick up the raw materials via rotating bucket wheels with a diameter of up to 10 m and place them on conveyor belts. To protect the conveyor belt of the stacker reclaimer from hitting the coal pile, a sensor was needed that could reliably detect an approach to the coal pile. In addition, the sensor had to be insensitive to environmental influences such as rain or snow.

Our Solution

We used the rope version of our RFnivo 3100 capacitive limit switch. It is very sensitive, detects coal reliably and has a fast response time. With the automatic calibration function, the sensor is put into operation in 3 seconds with just one push of a button. The sensor's Active Shield technology enables reliable switching signals even with adhering materials.