RF3 in dust filter

The Challenge

Our customer maufactures steel using blast furnace. This company is the second biggest company to produce steel in Korea. They used vibration type level sensor in the past, but they have serious problem by dust coating on the vibration sensor during collecting dust. Our customer had to clean the sensor frequently. So, they need a reliable level sensor not to have a effect by coating

Our Solution

UWT Rfnivo 3100 capacitive sensors with active shield technology don't get any bad effect by material's coating. In addition the sensor is very user friendly. It calibrates automatically by pushing only one button. Afterwards, no additional setting is necessary for further use. The integrated display shows the measured capacity and is together with the signal lamp (LED and Bulb) very useful for the customer to check level. Due to its high quality, the level switch will undoubtly work for a very long time without maintenance.