RFnivo 3100 in sugar beets cossettes

The Challenge

A big producer of sugar in Lithuania need in the production process to controll the material flow between the countercurrent cossette mixer and the extraction tower. The limt switch should work like a demand detector. To extract the sugar from the beets, the cossettes run through warm water. The temperature is about 70°C. The pulp that remains after the sugar has been extracted (beet pulp) is made into animal feed and other products. The beet extraction mashine has two main components accomplishing different technological tasks: Countercurrent cossette mixer and Extraction tower. The sensor has to work properly in a sticky application with high humidity.

Our Solution

To control the material flow (cossettes of beets mixt with beet jus) to the countercurrent cossette mixer and to the extraction tower the capacitance level limit sensor RFnivo 3100 is used. The RFnivo works well in applications with high moisture and sticky conditions. The active shield technology protects it against malfunction if there is some caking at the probe. The automatic calibration funktion makes the commissioning very easy. The RFnivo is a plug and play sensor in this process.