RFnivo in fish oil application

The Challenge

A Customer was looking for a level switch solution for 6 tanks with fish oil. The tanks are all 11m tall and approx 3m in diameter. The fish oil will produce some foam during filling. There are existing radar sensors for the continuous level measurement, but the customer wanted an extra security with a limit switch as a full detection alarm. They had tried several other full detection alarms which did not work because of the foam created during filling.

Our Solution

DANOVA have had many years experience with capacitance level switches, so we were sure that the customer wants to try the new RFnivo 3100. One in each of the 6 tanks. The customer was impressed with the easy installation of the RFnivo and was very happy with the automatic calibration. The RFnivo detects exact the surface of the fish oil and it is not affected by the foam. The sensor is connected to the PLC, so the time delay of the signal, which can be activated in the quickstart menue, is not used. The RFnivo has been working without any problems and the customer is very pleased with the result.