Sinter level measurement at a stock house

The Challenge

One of the biggest steel plants in India was looking for a solution to measure the sinter level at a stock-house of a I-blast furnace unit. The measurement is very critical due to high dust content. In the past, this company used ultrasonic level transmitter and 26GHz radar, but the performance was not up to the expected level. They asked UWT for a solution in this difficult application.

Our Solution

The first activity of UWT was that this steel company received a test sensor of the 78GHz NR 3100 high-frequency radio in the 40 m version. We wanted to convince these customers with facts, because the previous experience with ultrasonic and radar sensors was not good. Especially the high dust content has made the sensors so far. The NR 3100 sensor was calibrated with the process parameters in the Quick Start menu. No further adjustments had to be made. The performance was very good and the sensor worked reliably and with high measuring accuracy. This convinced the customer and he began to use this sensor at other measuring points.