Détecteur à palette rotative

Rotonivo® - RN 6002 - Câble

  1. Détection de niveau
  2. Vrac
  3. Densité apparente > 15 g/l (> 0.9 lbs/ft3)

Application area

The Rotonivo® RN 6002 rotating paddle switch with rope extension is used in storage and process vessels mainly as a full detector in all bulk solids and can be configured for process temperatures up to +600 °C and process overpressure up to 10 bar. The RN 6002 offers more space for wiring due to the larger housing, flameproof enclosures for use in the GasEx area and SIL2 certification.

Your benefit

  • Increased space within housing allows for ease of access for wiring
  • Flameproof version available for use within potentially explosive atmospheres (gas)
  • SIL 2 certified

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