Animal Feed Contents Measurement NB 3100

The Challenge

The customer was investing in a new SCADA system for a pet food manufacturing facility in the north of England. They wished to measure the contents in all their silos/bins/hoppers. These storage vessels were throughout the facility and held the raw materials, additives, semi completed products and final pre-bagging products. The challenge the customer faced was that they wished to use one type of measuring device for all stages of the manufacturing process. At different stages of the production process the products had different densities, where different sizes from powder to pellets and had different levels of dust and moisture. The storage vessels also varied in height from 3m to 15m.

Our Solution

UWT proposed installing the NB 3100 to all their storage vessels as it would cover the full range of heights, densities and dust volumes. By using a unit fitted with a brushless motor this also allowed the customer to run the NivoBob on a continuous cycle for those vessels with a high feed or discharge speed.