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RFnivo® - Point level detection with innovative RF technology

RFnivo® capacitive level switches can be used universally in bulk solids, granulates, powders, pastes as well as liquids and highly viscous oils as full detectors, demand or empty detectors, as level switches as well as overfill protection in silos, tanks, process vessels, hoppers, pipelines and downpipes. In various device versions, they also meet extreme process conditions such as high pressure or extreme temperatures. Their very robust design is also chemically highly resistant to aggressive liquids, slurries or solids.

All instrument types feature Active Shield technology ensures reliable functionality within applications with foam, bridging, material deposits, caking or other types of buildup properties. This additionally increases the functional reliability of the capacitive sensors even when used in viscous, highly viscous media.

International certifications for Hazardous Locations (gas and Dust Ex) ensure the device is suitable for a wide range of applications in all industries.