Forthcoming Events

Where will you meet us soon? What is planned on site or virtually in relation to exhibitions, trade fairs, shows, career events and webinars.


    7th - 10th June 2023 WIN EURASIA, Turkey

  2. exhibition Agrofood

    8th - 10th June 2023 Agrofood Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  3. exhibition SOLIDS Parma

    14th - 15th June 2023 SOLIDS Parma, Italy

  4. exhibition Meorga Hamburg

    21st June 2023 Meorga Hamburg, Germany

  5. Expo Usipa Minas Gerais Brazil

    18th - 22nd July 2023 Expo Usipa Minas Gerais, Brazil

  6. exhibition Meorga Ludwigshafen

    13th September 2023 Meorga Ludwigshafen, Germany

  7. Exhibition POWTECH

    26th – 28th September 2023 POWTECH Nuremberg, Germany

  8. Exhibition Agrena

    12th – 14th October 2023 Agrena Cairo, Egypt

  9. exhibition Meorga Landshut

    18th October 2023 Meorga Landshut, Germany

  10. exhibition ACHEMA

    10th - 14th June 2024 ACHEMA Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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