Game Changer CN 7

Say hello to our new Capacitance Level Switch! You Asked, We Listened!

Capanivo® 7000 reinvented

Now benefitting from a new look, amazing new features, a range of new models and latest IO-Link technology on board!
The capacitive level limit switches are used as a full, demand or empty detector as well as for leakage detection and interface measurement.
The sensor is suitable for installations in all kinds of liquids, pastes, foam and slurry.

Very compact capacitive level detection for flexible use in a variety of applications



★ Stainless steel or Synthetic version 

★ Rod & Cable extension

★ “Tip Sensitivity” & “Active Shield” Technology



The electrodes in the sensor form a capacitor. If the product comes into contact with the sensor, the capacitance changes and the electronics converts it into a switching signal.

Special Features:

~ Chemically resistant PVDF probe
~ M12 connector
~ Compact design with 1/2" process connection
~ Hygienic design
~ Food-grade materials
~ Suitable for SIP & CIP up to 150 °C
~ Short probe length
~ Relay, transistor, current loop or continuous 4..20 mA output
~ IO-Link signal output
~ Potted electronics
~ Inverse Frequency Shift Technology
~ WHG and VLAREM certification


Our Solutions for:

O All types of liquids
O Strong caking
O Limited space
O Corrosion resistance in aggressive materials
O High safety standard
O High hygiene requirements
O Explosive environments
O Leakage detection
O Interface measurement