Capanivo in tomato paste

The Challenge

One of the leading Peruvian food companies needed to measure tomato paste at 100°C. After the material became paste and has lost almost all of the liquid it reaches a very low dielectric value, however very sticky. Another concern is the chemical resistance to the high temperature CIP process, about 90°C, together with the Food Grade compatibility. The solution should be highly reliable and the probe compact because tank dimensions and process dynamics could occur in overflows. Also the accuracy in detection is a critical point as the material tended to generate false alarms.

Our Solution

For this case we applied our Capanivo 7000 series level switch sensor, which has process connection made of stainless steel and PPS probe (Polyphenylene Sulfide), a hygienic plastic, chemically compatible with aggressive applications for the cleaning process. The probe is only 98 mm long, so it is suitable for installation in very small spaces. In addition, the IP68 housing is made of polyester and polycarbonate, thus environmentally resistant and properly sealed. An important highlight is that this sensor works with two wire electronics and has Tip-sensitivity-technology providing high accuracy in the detection adjustment, even with the very sticky tomato paste our solution could manage to provide the right signal output.