Content level measurement in plastic granular

The Challenge

A leading food packaging company was looking for a permanently reliable continuous level measurement system for several storage silos where PP, PS and PET granules are stored. The ultrasonic sensors, they already used, had sometimes outliers in the display or a permanently wrong signal by wrong echosignals. Temperature fluctuations and poor weld seams at the silo can adversely affect the ultrasonic measurement in this application.

Our Solution

The ultrasonic sensors could be replaced by electromechanical sensor NB 3100. These operate reliably regardless of temperature fluctuations and other difficult conditions in the silo. The low DK value of plastic granules also does not influence this mechanical measurement. The signal output, the power supply and the mechanical installation could be adjusted and converted in the system. Thus the desire for a reliable measurement was finally fulfilled. The NB 3100 is used in all plastic granules.