Level limit measurement in EPS balls

The Challenge

Our customer designs and produces plastic packaging solutions for various markets like the automisation industry, industry products, medical products, food, plants and flowers as well as the building sector. He has a number of applications in textil silos, where EPS and EPP balls are stored. The lightness of the material, the densitiy is lower than 30g/l, and thus a low dielectric constant, about 1,2, are the main challenges within this application. The limit sensors should avoid overfilling and give a signal for demand or when the silo is empty.

Our Solution

With the rotating paddle switch Rotonivo RN 3000 UWT solved the full and empty detection. The sensor has been equipped with a very sensitive spring and a big gum paddle in order to measure the extremly light EPS balls. The sensitivity of the UWT sensors starts from 15 g/l.