Level measurement and visualization in crude oil storage tanks

The Challenge

A customer from Kuwait was in need of a continuous level measurement system for their 10-12 meter high tanks storing crude oil. Additionally, the level readings were required to be visualized on a display that could be mounted in front of the silo bin. This setup would eliminate the need for personnel to climb onto the silo to read the fill levels.

Our Solution

The customer's requirements were perfectly fulfilled with the use of the radar sensors NivoRadar NR 7200 in combination with the visualization solution NivoTec 4600. The non-contact radar sensors reliably and accurately capture the fill levels. Adjustment through the UWT LevelApp is straightforward and time-saving. The visualization solution NivoTec NT 4600 provides a clear display of the fill levels. Installation can be done at any desired location, making it easy for personnel to monitor the fill levels.