Level measurement in a coal silo (paper mill)

The Challenge

Our customer, a large paper mill based in the UK, approached UWT UK Ltd to provide a monitoring solution for their coal silo. A mechanical system wouldn’t be suitable due to the restricted device mounting options in the coal silo. The coal silo was 11m high and just 3.5 m in diameter with a roof that was unsuitable to support any device installation. Naturally, the conditions were also extremely dusty which led to the solution being the UWT NivoRadar ® - NR 4100.

Our Solution

In this situation, the non-contact 80 GHz FMCW radar sensor NivoRadar® NR 4100 offers the perfect solution with its narrow 4° beam. The UWT team was also able to offer a unique and effective mounting solution for the NR 4100 given that the silo roof was not suitable for a direct installation. Once the device was mounted and the power connected – the actual commissioning took just 5 minutes via the UWT Level App. This is a perfect example of the UWT expertise, simplicity and technology working in harmony. Now the application can be monitored at the same time on a mobile phone via the UWT Level App from anywhere in the plant up to 15m away from the device.