NivoBob in a storage silo for silica

The Challenge

In the rubber industry, silica is often used as a filler or reinforcing agent to enhance the mechanical properties of rubber. The particular challenge in measuring the level of silica lies in its low bulk density. Another difficulty in this application was the installation position, as a rotary paddle switch (with rope extension) for high level alarm was already installed in close proximity.

Our Solution

For a reliable level detection of silica, the electromechanical plumb bob system NivoBob 3200 proves to be the best solution. Thanks to its sensitive sensor weight, the NB 3200 accurately detects materials with extremely low bulk density. Due to challenging installation conditions, the usual folding cover, commonly used for silica level detection, couldn't be employed in this application. As an alternative, the PVC weight with pin was used. It performed seamlessly, allowing for accurate measurements.