NivoCapa NC 8100 in wheat grinding system

The Challenge

One of the main food manufacturers in Peru, needed to control the grinding system variators, which modulate the speed of filling and grinding. The required measure interval was 300mm and the analogue signal output should be instantaneous since the hopper is loaded / unloaded in approximately 10 seconds. The material is wheat which, due to the high flow in the hopper, is slightly abrasive.

Our Solution

We solved this application with capacitive transmitters NivoCapa series 8000, with the technology of inverse frequency shift measurement. The probe responds with greater precision. The capacitive technology also allows instantaneous updates of the analogue signal being, in this particular case, the perfect answer for the harmonious functioning of the Grinding System, and high efficiency. The probe's PA coating also provides the necessary protection against possible wear due to process abrasion, in addition to guaranteeing operation in the case of conductive environment.