NivoGuide 3100 in Iron Powder

The Challenge

A large manufacturer of stainless steel in the Dominican Republic, needed to measure silos with iron powder of 8 meters and 30 meters. They had several unsuccessful attempts with non-contact measuring transmitters that, due to the suspended dust and abrasion of the material, had failed. For these reasons, factory shutdowns were constant.

Our Solution

For this case the best approved solution was our NivoGuide 3000 series cable version, with a probe of stainless steel 11mm cable coated with PA. This was a very robust alternative with 30Nm tensile load on the cable and resistant against abrasion. The length was defined in 7200 mm and 30480 mm with special FKM and PPS sealing able to support until 80°C. Also the HART 2-wire electronics with very short reaction time and combined with the high precision of +/- 2 mm were perfect to increase the efficiency of the plant. In this project, 15 measuring points were installed, operating without any problem. Together with RFnivo 3000 series sensors with active shield for high level detection.