NivoRadar in mixture of sand and caustic soda

The Challenge

One of the largest producers of glass containers worldwide needs to measure the storage of different solid materials in silos with 15m height. The plant is in Seville, Spain. The materials, sand and caustic soda, are aggressive and abrasive combined with humidity and very dusty conditions. In the process and at the external environment. The ambient temperatures exceeded 75-100°C by the installation location. So it was difficult to find the right solution for this application.

Our Solution

In this case the most suitable solution was the non-contact level transmitter, NivoRadar 3100 with 78Ghz frequency and 4° beam angle. The use of the sensor integrated air intake was very important to keep the lens clean and also to lower the ambient temperature by blow in cold air (45°C). In this way it was possible to keep the equipment measuring with high performance without any process interference.