Rice Contents Measurement

The Challenge

The customer who operated a factory which manufactured ready made meals needed to automate the storage of their bulk products. The facilty had seven external rice holding silos which they needed to feed the content level into the operating SCADA system to allow for stock control and auditing.

Our Solution

The challenge the customer faced was with mounting a contents measuring device to the silo. There were no walk ways or platforms around the roof of the silo and because of health and safety it was not possible to mount any directly to the roof. A walkway next to the feed conveyors was approx 3m above the silos so the devices had to be attached to the walkway to allow for commisioning and maintance. UWT proposed using a NB 4200 mounted on side of the walkway with the weight travelling through a connecting tube between the NivoBob and the silo. This allowed for easy and safe access to the device.