Rotonivo in Coffee Storage Silos

The Challenge

One of the most important Spanish coffee manufacturer needed a solution to measure low level of coffee powder in storage silos. This low level control point has already had several changes of sensors, the fine powder penetrated inside the equipment reducing the life time of the electronic and mechanical components. In addition, the movement of the material impacted the engine's durability due to the mechanical microswitch switching system.

Our Solution

Our solution in this case was the Rotonivo 4000 series, a rotating paddle system that can detect materials with density from 200 g/l. Due to its rubber NBR sealing system, fixed perfectly next to the sensor axis and its bearing system, it prevents the penetration of process powders. Also, its micro swich with integrated hysteresis was fundamental to prevent the improper use of the engine through the movement of the material. After the installation of our solution, the process no longer had any failures or production stops.