Silicon Metal Rock Point Level Detection with RF 3200

The Challenge

A shuttle conveyor belt travels all the way inside a maritime container and fills the container with silicon metal rock with variable dimentions (0-100mm). The point level is to detect when the material reaches the max fill level and instruct the conveyor belt to back away until no level is detected and continue filling, and so on until it reaches the end of the container. Challenge: Limited space, reliability, easy to maintain, dust proof, heavy-duty and able to detect silicon metal rock.

Our Solution

The solution in this application with high mechanical load is a RF 3200 sensor with rope probe. It is a capacitance switch with a very strong and stable stainless steel probe. The flexible active rope probe protects the sensor against damage bei lateral load. It has an electronic with an automatic calibration. The setup is very easy and menue guided in a quickstart wizzard. The RF3200 works reliable and is the perfect solution for this application.