Stone Reclaim Slurry Measurement

The Challenge

A customer in England manufactures stone recovery plants for the quarrying industry. The stones are placed in a container filled with water, which is stirred slowly. All the dirt is removed from the stones. The stones are then sold again as building material. The dirt in the water settles as mud at the bottom of the tank. The application requires the measurement of the sludge level at the bottom of the tank. From a certain height, the mud is pumped out. The customer had already tried a radar and an ultrasonic system, but both were unsuccessful due to the high solids content in the water and the movement of the water.

Our Solution

The NivoBob NB 3300 was used and proved to be a successful product for this application. The advantages that the NivoBob has over other technologies used are as follows. The sensing weight is not affected by the water movement. It moves through the water surface to the mud layer and feels like the separating layer. The sensing weight of the sensor can be adjusted to the viscosity of the slurry. An electromechanical, reliable and easy-to-use system for measuring the sludge level in the wash tank.