Application Wood Chip Level Monitor

The Challenge

Our customer is looking for a content measurement for Wood Shavings. The environment in the silo is quite dusty and we do have a huge frequency of a measurement (3 cycles per hour x 365 days a year).

Our Solution

The customer decided for an electromechanical measuring systems. The NB4200 was used. It provides for the electronic evaluation a 4-20mA signal, counting pulses or a Modbus RTU interface. A thermostat-controlled heating system has been integrated for stable temperatures in the housing. A tape cleaner, which is active during the measurement, helps against the dust adhering to the measuring tape. The sensor NB4200 has a measuring range of 30 m and covers the requirements in these silos. The very high lifetime of the tape with 500,000 measuring cycles even when the silo is empty makes the NB almost maintenance-free in this application.