Point Level Measurement 

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Point level measurement sensorsPoint level measurement sensors

Point Level Measurement

Level detectors detect media at a predefined position depending on the installation position.

Level detectors are mainly installed as full or empty detectors in the upper or lower part of a silo or container. This prevents the silo from overfilling or running empty. In combination with a level sensor, this results in a redundant system which additionally increases plant safety. If a certain fill level is of particular interest, the sensors can also be used as demand detectors.

There are different technologies for level detection, which have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. For the selection, numerous process conditions have to be considered, which the sensor technology has to cope with. In addition, the requirements for bulk solids sensors differ from those for liquid sensors. For this reason, UWT offers a broad portfolio of different technologies such as rotary paddle switches, vibration level switches and capacitive sensors. This allows us to individually address their requirements in order to always provide them with the best possible solution.

Typical challenges:

  • Media type (e.g. bulk, powder, liquid, paste, etc.)
  • Media properties (e.g. bulk density, conductivity, viscosity, etc.)
  • Input conditions (e.g. tank material, tank geometry, installation position, installations within the tank, etc.)
  • Process conditions (e.g. pressure, temperature, ambient conditions, explosion protection, hygiene requirements, etc.)

In addition to our point level detection sensors our product portfolio also includes a variety of continuous level measurement sensors which unlike limit level sensors can detect the exact level of a medium in real time.