Control of the top level of PVC powder

The Challenge

A manufacturer of PVC powder in Ukraine wanted to automate a full alarm on various storage silos. He was looking for a maintenance-free sensor, which works reliably even with caking on the sensor. So far, the customer has used vibrating forks from another manufacturer. The fork had to be cleaned every month because the caking material blocked the swinging legs. Especially in the winter time this was very unpleasant.

Our Solution

A rotary paddle switch RN3002 with pipe extension was used. The extension length can be configured and built according to customer requirements. Thus, the switching point is where you need it. You could even adjust it flexibly with a sliding sleeve. The measuring principle rotary paddle switch is predestined for use with sticky material because the sensor still works with caking on the vane. So that's exactly what the customer was looking for.