NivoGuide 8000 in veterinary reactor

The Challenge

A manufacturer of veterinary products in Argentina needed to measure the level in a 2000 litres reactor. Due to its heating system through heated probes, the internal space for installation was restricted, making it impossible to use a non-contact system, due to the various elements in the tank. The probe should also comply with hygienic requirements with materials suitable for the veterinary area. Also, should be considered that the system remained in constant turmoil and the process temperature was ca. 90°C.

Our Solution

For this case our solution was the NivoGuide series 8000 level transmitter. This sensor supports 150°C process temperature and 40 bar overpressure. Due to the capability of the guided radar technology by electromagnetic waves, this sensor can concentrate the signal and does not suffer interference, even from the agitation of liquids. In this case, the probe, made in stainless steel, could be fixed to the wall to avoid mechanical damage.