Radar sensors

NivoGuide® - NG 8200

  1. Continuous level measurement, Interface level measurement
  2. Liquids
  3. DK value ≥ 1,4
Application area

The guided radar sensor NivoGuide® 8200 measures the level of liquids or oils under most extreme process conditions. The extremely robust sensor construction, resistant materials as well as a special reference line extend the field of application of the TDR sensors by high-pressure, high-temperature and saturated steam applications. Thus, temperature ranges from -196 °C ... 450 °C and process pressures up to 400 bar can be covered.

Your benefit
  • Simple, menu-driven commissioning and diagnostics with operating module and display
  • Precise measurement results even in extreme steam applications due to additional reference line
  • High-quality graphite and ceramic materials ensure maintenance-free operation even under most extreme conditions.

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