Capacitive sensor

Capanivo® - CN 7121 - Synthetic

  1. Point level measurement, Interface level measurement
  2. Liquids, Solids
  3. DK value ≥ 1,5
Application area

The capacitive level limit switch Capanivo® CN 7121 is used as a full, demand or empty detector as well as for leakage detection in all liquid applications. Made entirely of durable, chemical resistant plastic materials, the sensor is ideal for aggressive media.  Even measurement from outside the vessel without direct material contact is possible. Thanks to the innovative IO-Link electronics, sensor data can be digitally transmitted quickly and easily. The sensitivity is adjusted in a user-friendly way via a potentiometer directly at the sensor.

Your benefit
  • Easy integration in existing processes due to IO-Link technology
  • "Tip Sensitivity" and "Active Shield Technology" ensure reliable measurement results even with sticky or foaming media
  •  Wetted part made from PVDF for maximum chemical resistance

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