Full detection in paint manufacturing through a glass pane

Secure full detection of xylene in process tanks of paints corporation by side mounting of the: capacitance level switch with 1-inch stainless steel process connection in a 3" MS pipe

Level indicators working with the capacitive measurement principle can be used in all types and shapes of tanks, regardless of whether these are metallic or non-metallic. Due to their high sensitivity, their compactness and the range of probes, they are suitable for a wide variety of industrial process requirements. In order to coordinate a constant flow of material, timed to match the manufacturing process, the plant manager of a huge paints corporation was looking for a robust and compact level monitoring system for xylene tanks. Due a special installation situation a creative solution was required.

PPS probe with 1-inch process connection
Chemical resistance & compact design

An Indian multinational paint company headquartered in Mumbai was looking after a solution to detect the level of xylene within several process tanks. Xylene is a common component of ink and solvent of paints and varnishes and is used by conservators of art objects. The company is considered to be India's largest and Asia's third largest paints corporation with international operation in 15 countries. The main business is manufacturing and distribution of paints, coatings and products related to home decor.

For the individual xylene tanks, which needs to be emptied and filled from time to time, the system operator was looking after a solution to detect the level in a 3" MS pipe. The pipe has a small glass panel, where the sensor should detect the xylene without direct contact to the material. Several tests carried out by Sumit Majumder, Managing Director of UWT India and his team with various sensors quickly made it clear that the tanks can be flexibly monitored using the capacitance measuring principle of the compact probe Capanivo® CN 7100 integral cable version. The devices have a robust PPS probe and certified design and can be easily adapted to the respective process conditions and proportions. The IP68 housing is made of polyester and polycarbonate, so it is environmentally friendly and ensures a long-term, permanent seal, even within aggressive applications. It is possible to easily adjust the signal to the xylene using a potentiometer. After the setting, the sensor ignores the glass panel, but detects the xylene. The required Ex approvals in the Gasex area are also available.

Through the implementation of an innovative solution for a functional, easy handling and secure full detection in accordance with the high requirements and standards of the chemical company a smooth plant operation of the paints corporation is optimally supported.

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