Capanivo 7000 in nitrogen injection system

The Challenge

A large food manufacturing company in Paraguay needs to automate its nitrogen injection system, where the nitrogen is bubbled directly into the vegetable oil, contained in a 1 meter tank. For this it is required to measure the low and high level of the oil with precision, this being a product with adhesions, high viscosity and zero conductivity. The logic consists of: When the tank is full, open a nitrogen injection solenoid valve and the order to stop the pump, and when it reaches a certain minimum level, close the solenoid valve and the pump action command.

Our Solution

We solved this case with our Capanivo 7000 series capacitive point level sensor. Sensor with PPS probe, food grade, and stainless steel process connection. With temperature resistance up to 100°C, suitable for the hygienic process. This device can be applied with very sticky materials as there is no influence on the level measurement due to the Tip Sensitive technology. Moreover the sensor is equipped with the Inverse Frequency Shift technology to even detect materials with very low Dielectric.