Interface Measurement - Liquid Layers

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Interface Measurement of two liquids

Not only in the chemical, petrochemical or oil & gas industry, but also in other industries there are applications, e.g. oil & grease separators, where an interface between two liquids or a liquid and foam has to be measured. The main challenge for measurement technology in this case are particularly deposits, buildup, chemicals and emulsion layers that may occur.

Continuous level measurement

With the capacitive sensor NivoCapa® and the guided radar NivoGuide® NG 8000 series, UWT offers two reliable sensor families that meet all expectations of various media, which have to be measured, different requirements as well as installation positions. The capacitive measuring method perfectly suits interface measurements where an emulsion layer developed. Guided radar technology allows concurrent detection of the interface and the total level with only one sensor.

Level limit measurement

The capacitive measurement method is ideal for precisely detecting or measuring the interface between two liquids or between a liquid and foam. Sensors for interface measurement must often have a correspondingly high sensitivity, a high chemical resistance and a robust construction against mechanical stress and deposits or buildup.

With the capacitive sensor Capanivo® 7000 and Capanivo® 8000 series and the RFnivo® 8000 series, UWT provides two product families that can be used specifically for this type of application in their compact, cable or rod sensor versions.